Dj Amience

Location: Katy, United States

Formed: 25th Dec 2012

Band Members: Attila Mosely Dj Ambience

hi my name is Attila, I am a young musician who continues to search fhisar audience. my rap/lyricist name is The Hun, but when I make music and Im feeling it, I am......Dj Ambience!

Vespertine soul

Dj Amience

I started making music on Christmas day when my wonderful grandparents bought me a MacBook pro! I dabbled in GarageBand a bit and was fed up with it, until I thought to look up how to make certain kinds of music on YouTube. I searched and searched and after several videos I thought I had it! I started to experiment with manipulating the apple loop samples provided in GarageBand with no avail, at first that is, until a melody buried itself in my head and I had to find an instrumental that would suffice. I made my first song as a rapper, The Hun. it is a ghetto club banger of sorts and I felt proud of myself having constructed a rhyme scheme in less then ten minutes. the lyrics easily followed once I had the rhthym down there was no turning back I kept writing and experimenting with instrumentals. finally I had finished two full length mixtapes, both with intros and outros. I began to fallers bored with making rap songs, and soon found it hard to write lyrics for them. I soon grew weary and once again searched YouTube for answers. one night I focused and I felt ready and up to the challenge! after about 30 minutes I had made my first rave/dance track from scratch! boy was I amazed!..... well let me stop jabbering, anyhow please don't be afraid to email me or add me on Facebook and let me know what u thought of my music please honest I need all the help I can get! thx.... :3

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Lisa J. Ropp Ropp

Lisa J. Ropp Ropp

13th Mar 2013

Thanks for producing good music! :-)

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