The Return of the Punk Zombies

Location: , Gibraltar

Formed: 24th Dec 2004

Band Members: Adrian Pisarello, Nick Richardson, Guy Palmer, Charlie Moore

On a quest to infect music fans with the dirtiest and meanest Rock 'n' Roll disease around.

The Ultimate Love Collection

The Return of the Punk Zombies

This project, like all good projects, came to life as a result of a very passionate conversation fueled by man's best friend, "ALCOHOL" on 24th December 2004. The place where this conversation took place – “The Venture Inn (Gibraltar)”. The partners in crime – “Adrian Pisarello and Charlie Moore”. In the middle of extreme partying and carol singing they managed to agree on putting their heads together to produce a Punk, Heavy, Dirty Rock & Roll Album to satisfy their own musical cravings. Surprisingly enough all of this was remembered the next day and the project went ahead,slowly but surely. The project was christened “THE RETURN OF THE PUNK ZOMBIES”. Charlie is the Sound Engineer at “THE BARN RECORDING STUDIOS” so no guesses where the album is being recorded. (Special thanks to Eric Almeida). The album will feature Guest musicians from BREED 77, TAXI and more. It’s expected to be ready to explode your eardrums on 2008/09. Meanwhile TROTPZ have been keeping busy gigging this summer and infecting people with their dirty rock 'n' roll disease, no one will escapes the wrath of The Zombies. It has been a busy time for TROTPZ this summer rehearsing, gigging, partying, eating brains and winning the first prize of the Rock on the Rock Club's "Battle of the Bands" competition held the 9th September in Gibraltar. Hail to the Zombie Kings. Don't Miss the upcoming gigs where the Zombies promise to deliver the meanest Rock 'n' Roll around. Until then cheers.

30th Apr 2010

Info: Are you ready to get ZOMBIFIED!!!!!!!!

Place: Rock on the Rock

Hour: 10:00


There are no band videos available at this time.

Dion Mifsud

Dion Mifsud

07th Apr 2010

Great new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

Hezron  Perez

Hezron Perez

09th Apr 2010

Awesome, Best of luck with the new album.

Stella Jones

Stella Jones

08th Feb 2013

Best of luck on the new album! I am going to tell about more of the music I listen to see paper writing services.

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Dion Mifsud

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