Decadent One

Location: , Hong Kong, (China)

Formed: 20th May 2009

Band Members: Shaman Chellaram

Just started playing and recording recently. HK is a good place to be...some good new live music venue bars around town

Decadence First

Decadent One

Started in May 2009. Looking forward to a fun year. No big gigs planned yet, but when ready we'll let our fans know. Main influences come from a mix of rock and R&B: linkin Park, Staind, Three Doors Down, Kings of Leon, and AKON

10th Aug 2009

Info: Planning to rehearse and then we'll see whose out and about town.


Hour: 00:00


There are no band videos available at this time.

Hezron  Perez

Hezron Perez

09th Apr 2010

Awesome beats all you need now is the right lyrics and vocals to go with it. Keep it up, all the best.

Mikaela Torres

Mikaela Torres

30th Oct 2012

Great sound! the audio is perfect and i love the harmony. Get Quote

James Ingale

James Ingale

16th Dec 2012

Awesome quality of sound! write my essay

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Hersha Chellaram

Hersha Chellaram

Shaman Chellaram

Shaman Chellaram